2015 Exhibit

Composition, narrative and art history have always been essential to my work. The paintings and drawings here reflect that, along with a longstanding passion for the Blues and the human form…music and the muse. For a long while those passions have been expressed in oil paint, pastel chalk and monotype prints, but I’ve always been a a draftsman first. Everything on this page started as a drawing. One of my heroes, the iconic designer Milton Glaser said, “There is no more direct way to express and idea than with pencil and a piece of paper.” So, in 2013, I gave myself permission to let the line itself become a part of the finished art….a return to my roots, in a sense. Of course, content and compositions still rule. It’s still about shapes, values, positive and negative space, it always will be. And the drawing here, these portraits in context, are a reflection of my own personal history as a musical fanboy and a visual artist coming of age.

Gary Kelley – October 2015

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